Video Surveillance Systems

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With this declaration on the Use and Implementation of Video Surveillance Systems at Marina Medulin defines the purpose and scope of data to be collected, the manner and time of storage, and the use of recorded data, protection of the rights of workers and all other persons in the area of ​​the Marina Medulin. The video surveillance system is used to protect the safety of workers and all other persons who are in the premises and surfaces of Marina Medulin and the premises and surfaces for which Marina Medulin, as Processing Manager, has a Concession Agreement for the purpose of commercial use of the special purpose port – nautical tourism Puntica.
The video surveillance system is also used to prevent unlawful acts directed against Marine Medulin property from theft, robbery, burglary, violence, damage, destruction and the like. Footage taken with the video surveillance system may be used solely for the purpose of protection as stated earlier and may not be used for other purposes. The video surveillance system captures exclusively the location of Marina Medulin, at Osipovica 40, which covers the area under the Concession Agreement for the commercial use of the Punticaa nautical tourism port, which specifically includes piers, parking lots, dry moorings and a reception desk. Recorded data is recorded and stored on the video recorder for a maximum of one month from the date of its creation, and after the specified deadline the recordings are permanently deleted. Recordings proving a breach of surveillance purpose will be stored on an optical disc (CD, DVD, etc.) and stored for one year from the day the record was stored, or until the eventual completion of court, administrative, arbitration or other equivalent proceedings. Marina Medulin, as Head of Processing, is obliged to ensure that a notice is placed in a visible place when entering the premises, as well as the interior of the premises, that the premises are monitored by a system of technical protection, and workers will be notified in writing of the introduction of video surveillance. The written notice provides an explanation of what is being recorded, for what purpose and how long the personal information is stored. Notice that the space is being recorded by a video surveillance camera or other recording systems Marina Medulin as the Processing Manager clearly identifies the image and text, then indicates the information about the Processing Manager and / or the Processing Contractor, and contact information through which the respondent can exercise his rights. The recordings obtained through the video surveillance system are protected by professional secrecy and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and this Regulation. Access to the video archive and the right to watch the video are only authorized by the Marine Medulin Authorities as Processing Manager and Processing Executive.